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Good morning freaks, freakettes, and freaks-in-between.

Lori woke up with a shock. It wasn’t even sunrise yet. The hell does this FUCKING BITCH think she is doing? Lori thought bitterly. She didn’t even pay attention to the rest of Veronica’s abrupt and rude call-to-arms, but the introduction of some minor earthquakes re-focused her.

She ran out of the house, barely dressed, wondering what was going on, and saw the two towers that had apparently spontaneously appeared, just standing out in the open as if since time immemorable. One seemed to be on fire, but only on the edges and never fully consumed, while the second looked like a bunch of ruins, barely held together.

Pick a tower, fuckers, and get your page from the book!” Whatever intercom Veronica was using shut off, leaving Lori and the rest of the Hotel’s residents confused. Page? Book? What the hell was she talking about? And where the hell did these towers come from?

Lori was NOT in the mood for this level of bullshit, especially this early in the morning. Veronica wasn’t the Old Duck, she wasn’t Lori’s superior in the Blue Tigers, and Lori was DAMN SURE that she was going to get answers.

She rushed back into her bungalow and picked up Inferno, kicking aside the tools from last night. What the hell had she been thinking, trying to figure out how something like that worked? She wasn’t some sort of brainiac, she was just damn good at shooting.

Lori grabbed Inferno and raced out, knocking over one or two unluckier, smaller guests of the hotel. “Out of my way! MOVE IT!” She was going to finish this round, get whatever the hell sort of “page” she needed, and then finally talk to Veronica. She ran towards the closest tower, the one that looked like shabby ruins, and kicked down the door.

The interior was a crumbling mess, with vines and spiders crawling up the walls and across the ceiling. It seemed to be a single, long hallway, with a large pit that seemed to go down forever around the middle. Lori saw a tall man in some sort of khaki outfit, complete with a ridiculous hat and a whip. “Hey!” she shouted, getting his attention. It was Jon, one of the people managing the tournament. She didn’t see any of his dogs, which stood out as quite odd to her, but she let it slide. “What the hell is going on?”

“Fuck if I know,” he answered. “These towers just showed up out of nowhere. And Veronica just headed upstairs like the bitch she is, dressed like some general.” That raised Lori’s anger to even higher levels. Some general? What, like she was in the military? How dare she? How dare—

“Yo! Are you listening?” he shouted, snapping Lori out of her daze. She shrugged, then turned around at the sounds of several dogs barking. One by one they ran past the both of them and leaped across the gap, safely landing on the other side. Jon nodded in approval, then used his whip to try and catch onto one of the sturdier-looking vines on the ceiling. When it did so, he walked slowly back, then ran forward, swinging across the gap.

As he landed, the vine broke free from the ceiling and fell into the chasm. Lori waited to hear a sound, anything that would make it clear that there was, in fact, a bottom to the void, but nothing came.

She grunted, lifted up Inferno, and with a mighty heave, chucked it across the gap to an unsuspecting Jon. Jon shouted in surprised, and ducked out of the way, letting the weapon clang to the ground. Lori, meanwhile, jogged further back on her side of the gap, paused, and entered into a run. At the very edge, she jumped as hard as she could, reaching out her arms to make it to the edge.

For a brief one-fourth of a second, she worried that she might not have actually made the jump, but her hands clasped onto the ledge, leaving her just barely hanging on. She methodically pulled herself up, and walked to her gun, making sure that it wasn’t too damaged by her toss.

“Are you crazy?” Jon asked. “You can’t give a guy warning next time?” His dogs growled at Lori, mimicking the disapproval they heard in his voice, but Lori simply shrugged.

“I had to get across somehow, didn’t I?” She lifted Inferno back up and headed up the stairs, stopping only briefly to see that some other competitors had entered the tower as well, and were trying to see how to cross the gap.

The second floor seemed innocuous, but as soon as Lori took a step out into the room in front of her, an arrow shot out from a hiding place, nearly going straight through her skull. She ducked down quickly and hid behind the entrance. Jon and his pack of dogs were quick behind her. “Great. Just freaking great, traps,” John muttered. “Do you have any idea how long this’ll take to—”

Lori didn’t want to know and didn’t care. She was done being patient. She pulled out the shield for Inferno, silently cursing the stupid weapons designers for not having the brains to put a freaking WAY FOR HER TO SEE, and fired in front of her. To the left, right, up, down, anywhere and everywhere there could be something, she spit out several hundred rounds of ammo, turning the tower from a wreck to a catastrophe and triggering the traps that laid in wait.

The dogs whimpered in fear and pain as the ringing in their ears refused to go away, and even Jon clasped his hands onto his ears from the noise. “WHAT THE HELL DID I SAY ABOUT WARNINGS?” he shouted.

“IF YOU WANTED TO ENTER FIRST, BE MY DAMN GUEST!” Lori shouted back, as she walked through the hallway to the stairs. She didn’t bother pulling back down the shield. She may be in a hurry, but she wasn’t going to just give up the safety she had without being damn sure she didn’t need it.

The third floor of the tower was, surprisingly, barren. Empty and dark, with what little light there was coming from the tiniest of windows. As Lori cautiously stepped forward, she saw no sign of anyone, or anything. Not even the spiders from before seemed to want to venture here.

“Hello hewman!” Lori heard above her. She just barely had time to look up when she saw a manic-looking teenager, with pasty white skin and wearing a frilly black and white maid’s outfit, falling down onto her while holding two impossibly sharp knives in each hand. Lori backed out of the way, managing to not get hit. The mysterious girl giggled with pure joy as she tossed the knives at Lori, each one piercing through the shield and getting stuck halfway through.

Lori was speechless. How the hell….this shit is supposed to be bulletproof! ”Where’d ya get that cool gun, hewman?” The girl asked. “Can I have one tooooooooo?” she almost sang the request, humming to herself.

“I…you…absolutely not! What are you even DOING here? Who are you?!”

“Deadberry’s Deadberry, silly hewman!”

“Hey, gun girl, maybe you can----oh shit,” Jon said, as he walked into Lori and Deadberry’s confrontation. “Oh shit shit SHIT. Deadberry….Deadberry, what are you doing?”

“You KNOW this crazy bitch?” Lori was stunned.

“She’s….she’s kind of one of the judges,” Jon sheepishly admitted.

“That means Deadberry gets to KILL people! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!” The girl jumped up and down, clapping her hands excitedly at the prospect of bloody murder.

Lori needed to get out of this room FAST. If Deadberry was strong enough to throw knives through bulletproof metal, she could easily kill Lori. A plan slowly formed in Lori’s mind. “I can think of SOME people you can’t kill,” Lori said, in a calculated, casual tone.

Deadberry, in response, almost teleported next to Lori and shoved another, larger knife into Inferno. The noises it made told Lori that now, the weapon was nearly busted. And now I’m screwed, Lori thought. She had no idea how to fix stuff that happened to Inferno, that was the tech peoples’ jobs.

“Why yewd say that mean stuff, hewman?” Deadberry asked.

“Because….because that’s what he told me earlier,” Lori hastily lied, pointing directly at Jon. “He was…was BRAGGING about how you couldn’t even squish an ant, how he could probably kill YOU easier than you could kill him!”

Jon froze in fear. Deadberry remained motionless for a few moments, then turned to face Jon. “Yew said all that mean stuff, hewman?”

“Deadberry, don’t listen to her. You CAN’T! Lori, what the fuck!”

Lori simply shrugged an apology and ran off to the stairs.

“So she’s….she’s LYING to Deadberry?” Deadberry turned to face Lori. “Yew lie to Deadberry?”

“I swear to you, Deadberry, I’m not!” But it seemed like Deadberry was no longer listening to her. Deadberry pulled out several knives, these almost qualifiying as machates, and slowly advanced towards her, with Deadberry’s previously smiling face now scowling.

“Lying’s bad! Lying to Deadberry is bad! Creator told me that Lying was bad, and Creator is good! EW ARE BAD HEWMAN!”

“Oh shut the fuck up,” Lori muttered, and pulled the trigger to Inferno, letting lose a hailstorm of bullets. The force blew away Deadberry’s legs, and Jon ran down the stairs for cover. Lori focused more and more and Deadberry, pumping in as much ammunition as she could until the gun ground to an ugly-sounding halt.

Somehow, Deadberry was still alive. Her body was a mangled mess of blood and guts, her bones shattered from the bullets, and her legs were in ten different places in the room. But she was still alive. And visibly healing.

Lori ran up the stairs.

“Ah, so we finally have an OH FUCK ME!” Veronica jumped back a bit as Lori pointed Inferno at her. “Put that shit down! Jesus! What is your fucking problem?!”

“The crazy bitch named Deadberry is my problem! Now where’s this ‘page’ and ‘book’ I’m supposed to find?”

“How about you find out on your fucking own?” Veronica taunted. Lori stepped closer with her weapon. “Nuh uh, back the fuck up.” Veronica raised her pistol. “You fucking try ANYTHING, and I will shoot you. If those knives can cut through your shield, I’m pretty fucking sure my gun can too. And you LOOK. LIKE. SHIIIIIIIIIT!” she continued. “Seriously, what happened, did you drag that thing out of the trash can? It looks more shit-faced than a alcoholic!”

Lori screamed and threw Inferno at Veronica. Surprised by the movement, she fired blindly, collapsing as the heavy Minigun fell on top of her. Lori hurried and grabbed the gun from the distracted Hotel manager, pointing the loaded weapon at the pseudo-general. “The. Page. Where. Is. It?”

Veronica simply sighed. “In the book. The room behind me. Now can you PLEASE get this piece of shit off of me?”

Lori acquiesced and pulled the gun off of Veronica. As much as Lori didn’t want to admit it, Veronica was right. The gun was now a piece of shit. Lori had no idea how to repair the gun, and without the ability to fire bullets, it was essentially a massively expensive novelty item.

The book sat on some sort of pedestal, closed. It was fancy, almost literally glowing with energy. It drew Lori to it like a magnet, begging to be touched, to be read, to be handled like a text written by the Gods themselves.

But when she finally did touch the book, it snapped open by itself, pages fluttering as if wind blew through them, until they finally rested on a page that had Lori’s name written on it. Confused, Lori reached out to pick up the book, and a jolt of energy shot through her, sending her down in a collapsing heap to the floor.

Minutes passed. When she finally stood up, she was breathing heavily, shocked and confused. She opened the door to where Veronica was and saw that it was empty, with only a second, hidden door open to explain her departure. On the ground, broken, was Inferno.

Except, Lori knew, it wasn’t broken. The sound she had heard was one she had encountered multiple times out in the shooting yard at the base. It sounded so much worse than it actually was. Inferno was tough. It would take a few hours, but it would be an easy fix.

She knew this. She had done it several times before.

So why didn’t she know it only a few minutes ago?

Lori stared back at the room she had just been in, back at the book she had just touched. From this distance, it was easy to see that the page that had opened up to her was now blank, empty. Had she gotten the information from the book? That didn’t make any sense, there was no way she could have simply forgotten such important, yet basic, knowledge.

And if she had somehow had this taken from her, Lori thought as she went down the secret stairs that seemed to lead out of the tower, what else had been lost to her? And how could she get it back?
Once Dead OCT 2 Round 1 Part 2
end of round one submission

Round 1 Part 0:…
Round 1 Part 1:…
Round 1 Part 2: Here!
Round 2?: Will be here if needed!
Lori woke up early, about half an hour after sunrise. The alarm she had set blared loudly, buzzing twice before she quickly silenced it. She slowly rose, stretching out her arms and legs to help wake herself up, turning on the lamp on the bedside table when she was finished.

As she finally got off the bed and headed off to the bathroom to shower and brush her teeth, moving carefully out of the way of the spider webs that her introductory note had warned her about, she couldn’t help but think how boring this hotel was.

When she had talked with VN, she had expected this tournament to be something that would happen quickly. That she would have to get ready to fight for every inch, rely on every single bit of training she had done, all of the strength and endurance she had gained from being in the Army. She wasn’t too fazed by the…uniqueness, to say the least, of some of the other beings she had encountered. Hell, most of them were human or close enough to not really be a bother. Even the ones that clearly weren’t were things she could handle.

But the waiting, the lack of anything at all happening, that was her biggest worry.

Whatever Veronica and the rest of the Hotel’s management were doing, it didn’t seem like it would be recent. Most of the other guests seemed to be keeping to themselves, with a few of the more kind-hearted or adventurous ones trying to talk with their soon-to-be competitors.

But after a week of nothing but shrugs from Barlow, curses from Veronica, non-commital mutterings from the twins Eli and Illi, and maniacal laughter from the strange tower, Lori was tense.

She hated not knowing what was happening. No real guidance, no plan, no anything.

Once Lori had finished her shower and cleaned herself up, she put on some clothes and went out for a jog. The same as she had the past several days. A routine to help keep her mind focused on what was important: winning whatever this tournament was supposed to be.

Not all the soldiers in the Blue Tiger Battalion that were her direct responsibility as CO.

Not the man she loved and the child she treated like her own flesh and blood.

Breathe, Lori. Breathe in and out. In. Then out. You can do this. They aren’t gone forever. You can bring them back. You WILL bring them back. Lori focused on running her usual route through the hotel, taking care to stay safely away from the strangely dangerous rainbow-colored lake and the forest on the outskirts of the property.

After making a few laps, she found herself in front of the administration area, hungry and leaning against the wall to take a few breaths. Barlow should have opened up the dining area by now, making breakfast for any of the guests who weren’t doing it themselves. Lori, however, made it her business to eat there as much as possible. Barlow was, at the very least in name, an organizer for this tournament, and she wanted every single opportunity she could get in order to ask questions.

“Well hello there, Ms. Nedalph,” he said politely as she entered the hall. Lori raised her hand and waved in acknowledgement. “Menu’s next to the door.”

Lori could see the pancakes being cooked from where she stood and smiled. Her favorite food, might be a good omen. “How are things going?” she asked.

“Alright, I suppose,” the dwarf replied. “Things are going about as well as one might expect. We haven’t had a lot of people messing with the spider webs anymore, thank goodness.” Lori nodded at that. When she had first seen the note specifically mention not damaging or bothering the spiders and their webs, she thought it was some sort of compulsive behavior. After seeing the size of some of the spiders, one of seemed about twelve feet long, Lori understood the need for caution.

Even if the giant spider had been remarkably polite and showed her how to fix the shower head.

“That’s good at least,” Lori replied. “Oh, and three pancakes for me, please.” Barlow picked them up with a spatula and slid them onto the plate, covering them with a fair amount of syrup. “So…” she began, making sure to pick her words carefully to avoid seeming nosy, “anything major coming up soon?”

“Besides my skilled cooking?” Barlow joked. “Well, not many things, to be honest. Veronica keeps saying that something will be happening soon, but she’s had a lot to deal with the past few days.”

“A lot of people have been coming in,” Lori noted, nodding in agreement with Barlow. “How many people are going to be in this Hotel? Every day it seems like there are eight new groups of people showing up.”

“Well, after tomorrow, that number’s going to get cut,” Barlow mentioned off-handedly. Lori stopped and focused in on Barlow and what he just said. He had just realized the implications of what he said and turned to Lori. “Just…she won’t be taking in more people, you see? We’re…we’re running out of rooms.” He let out a half-hearted chuckle, and went back to his business cooking.

“Is it starting tomorrow?” Lori asked confidently. “Is this tournament actually going to happen tomorrow?” She waited for Barlow to answer. “Barlow, you can’t just hide that sort of information! People need to know about this!”

“Look, I don’t know any more than you do,” Barlow admitted. “All I know is Veronica is planning something tomorrow.” Lori kept glaring at him until he sighed. “I’ll do my best to inform everyone else. But she’s had me running around for days. The fish in the lake keep ripping out the trees, and we need to keep putting them back in.”

Lori nodded, thinking through what she just learned. “Thank you so much, Barlow,” she replied. “And thanks for the pancakes,” she added, before taking a seat and beginning her meal.

Inferno was sitting on the small table in the living room area of her bungalow, opened up and exposed, showing off all of its interior workings. Lori was kneeling down, inspecting the mechanics of the Minigun, with what small amount of tools she had organized carefully on the floor beside her. She had had to scrounge up what she could to even have the bare essentials, but ensuring that her main weapon was in top condition was her biggest concern. She had no idea what tomorrow might bring, and Lori knew that the less that she left up to chance, the more she could predict and plan a path to victory.

So far, everything about Inferno looked to be in good condition. The changes that had been made to it seemed limited to the addition of the shield part, as well as the visibility that VN had added to the shield. The weapon was noticeably heavier from that, but not so much that it would be a great hassle to maneuver around the Hotel with it. The firing mechanism seemed to remain the same, albeit with minor adjustments to handle to added weight.

Lori recalled the years she had spent with the Battallion, and all the time she had gone through the various iterations of Inferno, and made minute adjustments, tweaking one piece just so, making the handles easier to hold on to, and ensuring that the bullet chambers were all properly aligned, plus a thousand other things that could be improved in almost unnoticeable ways. She smiled as her small changes happened. The people who had originally designed Inferno, the ones who made the GFB-XX7, they had something that was amazing.

But her tiny changes, adding up to make something even better than before, made it HER Inferno.

She finally got ready for bed, washing off the dirt from the day and soon fell asleep, not noticing the small little spiders eagerly gathering above her bed, following Mistress Veronica’s orders.
Re: Black Box/Hotel Questions
From: crazyshiro
To: VariableNature

I’m going to state this as plainly as I can for you, Nature.

You are not going to be able to get into the hotel.

Hell, I can’t even get into the hotel, and even if I could I wouldn’t want to. I told you about all the insanity and nonsense that happened with Legs, right? The shit that went down there? And hell, let’s throw in all the other creators that decided that the hotel would be their own personal playground, can you imagine how

I have washed my hands of all of that. Veronica wants the hotel now, she can damn well keep it. If I never have to even MENTION it ever again, that would just make me happy.

Hell, it boggles my mind that you actually had the balls to see your character off to the hotel in the first place! From what you told me, she had every right to kick your ass. How you got off so easily, I have no idea, but that’s not the point here.

What IS the point is that she has to win on her own. You stay out of it.

Cheers Nature

Re: Black Box/Hotel Questions
From: VariableNature
To: crazyshiro

Alright, alright. Fine. I didn’t mean to sound pushy.

I just….look. Lori’s almost literally the second character I ever really consider to be “my own”. Not just like “OC plz don’t steal” but ACTUALLY MADE. I’ve been SUPER frustrated that I haven’t done anything at all with her since I was 18. So…yeah.

I care about her. Hell, ALL of my characters I care about. I mean, hearing about the Hotel actually being a real, legit thing? BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. The actual ability to interact with your creations…isn’t that basically what ANY and EVERY creator wants? Can you even imagine the potential?

Also, I totally agree with you about actually meeting Lori. Bad, bad, SCARY idea on my part. But worth it.

Getting somewhat back on point, fine. I promise I will not do any super sketchy stuff or even normal, boring stuff with the Hotel and the characters in it. I do, however, have a few experiments that I want to test with the Black Boxes. Problem is, I’m a complete and total noob :(

I’m sure you’ve got all kinds of notes and stuff about Black Boxes. I’m trying to see if I can enter, for lack of a better term, other ones that I have? Or do I only have one? Is it one for each individual character, or do all of the characters I have ever made get into a HUGE Black Box?

I’m doing my best to try and figure this stuff out. Help please?


Re: Black Box/Hotel Questions
From: crazyshiro
To: VariableNature

Ok, that stuff I CAN help you with. I’ve attached some notes and stuff that I scanned to my computer when I was figuring out all this stuff.

Kinda curious about these experiments, though. Let me know what you’re scheming ^w^

Re: Black Box/Hotel Questions
From: VariableNature
To: crazyshiro


As for the experiments….I’ll tell you what I’ve got when I know I have something to get. But trust me, if my theory is right….

I’ll let you be the first to know!

Thanks again!
Once Dead OCT2 Round 1 Part 0
What's VN planning?

Previous Round (Audition):…
Round 1 Part 0: Here!
Round 1 Part 1:…
Round 1 Part 2:…
Lori Nedalph Character Info Sheet by VariableNature
Lori Nedalph Character Info Sheet

So....this is the character I'm going to be auditioning for the second season of Once Dead OCT. MAJOR MAJOR PROPS to :iconcrazyshiro: for drawing her for me. Man, this is a character I've been meaning to use for a while in SOMETHING. Here's hoping everyone likes her!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know and I'll get back to you!

Name: Lori Nedalph

Age: 35

Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Durvandian Army, Head of the 24th Special Assault and Testing Battalion (more colloquially known as the “Blue Tiger Battalion”)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 141 lbs.

Hair: Black, cut short.

Eyes: Brownish-Gray

Skin Color: Medium-dark brown

Body Type: Somewhat muscular

Other Notes: Has a tattoo along her right arm of a blue tiger sitting up and roaring, which she received when she first joined the Battalion. It goes from her shoulder to her elbow.

Standard Outfit: “Casual” Military Training uniform, with boots and cap. The top of the uniform, if unbuttoned, reveals a plain white, long-sleeved t-shirt.

Do you have permission to kill this character?: Yes, and I wish you the best of luck. Just make sure she goes down swinging, that’s all I ask.


History: Born to a military family in the Royal Republic of Durvandia, Lori Nedalph joined the Royal Military Academy at age eighteen and, over the four years she studied there, proved herself as one of the rising stars in her class, regularly getting top marks in her classes and rarely performing outside of the top six members of her grade. At her graduation, she was selected, along with her close friend and rival Jackson Katona, to join the high-profile and (in)famous 24th Special Assault and Testing Battalion. The 24th was designed to gather talented and bright members of all branches of the armed forces and be a testing ground for potential weapons that could be more widely used in the future. The R&D people work as designers and builders for the various weapons, while the soldiers themselves are able to demonstrate how effective (or in-effective, more often than not) they would actually be. Many of these weapons are very high-tech and top-secret, and allow the 24th to operate with a level of independence next to unheard of in the rest of the Royal Durvandian Army. As she continued to work in the 24th, she slowly climbed up the ranks of command, eventually receiving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and command of the Battalion, with her second-in-command being Katona.


Personality: A military brat, and a graduate of the Royal Republic of Durvandia’s top Military Academy, Lori has a very healthy respect for authority and order. She is very much a “lawful good” type of person, expecting others to follow the rules and standards, in particular the people she views as her superiors. Lori does her best to try and set such an example for the soldiers under her, however there have been noted (albeit rare) instances of her losing her composure with her rage becoming quite legendary amongst the newer members of the battalion.


Likes: Army, her primary weapon “Inferno” as well as any other types of firearms, her fiancé and soon-to-be step-child, pancakes, her pet ferret Issac

Dislikes: Disorder and insubordination, dark chocolate, extremely windy weather, faulty machinery (especially if there were other, better ways that could have prevented a breakdown)

Fighting Style/Weapons:  

  • Primary weapon: GFB-XX7 MiniGun, more colloquially referred to as “Inferno” for its firepower. It comes attached with a shield that is able to be pulled out from underneath the gun, while still attached to the gun proper, in order to protect the shooter holding the weapon. Should she be holding the weapon while in close-quarters, it is possible for her to swing it around like a large, unwieldy club, but due to its size, weight, and potential for weapon damage, she prefers not to do this.

  • Close Quarters Weaponry: The NY8 (basically a modern-day Beretta M9), and a combat knife, both of which she is very well-trained to handle.

  • Close Quarters Combat: Close quarters, hand-to-hand combat was one of Lori’s weaker areas, although she makes up for technique with strength.


  • Great physical strength and endurance: Lori is very strong and makes it a point to stay in great physical condition. She may just be human, but she is more than capable of handling herself in a fight, especially with her punches (carrying around a heavy Minigun works as a great work-out for upper body strength.

  • Weapons training: She’s been around weapons since she was a child, having been born into a military family, living in army bases as a child, and having served in the Army for years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She knows how to handle weapons carefully and properly, as well as how to care for them and repair them, if need be. Granted, the more exotic weapons might take a much longer time to figure out how to use properly, but she can manage.

  • Leadership and Planning: Rising to being the leader of the 24th meant having training in how to actually BE an effective leader.

  • Survival Training: A core part of Lori’s training was the ability to survive for extended periods of time with limited resources and having to adapt to her surroundings. Identifying the differences between edible and poisonous fruit, basic first aid in the field, etc., were are parts of such training.

  • Bullet Proof Shield: One of the positives of “Inferno” is a riot-shield attachment on the outer-casing of the weapon, which rotates underneath the gun when not pulled out. When it is pulled out, it is capable of stopping and deflecting gunfire, protecting Lori from people trying to shoot her.

  • Patience: You can’t rise in the Army without being willing to take a lot of nonsense. Lori’s been around enough that she can just let enough of it wash over her. But she still does have a tipping point, it’s just farther away than other peoples’. And when it’s reached…..



  • Standard Human: No magic spells, no superpowers. Standard vanilla human abilities and weaknesses in terms of the supernatural.

  • Overspecialization: When a person has a Minigun at their disposal, they are going to want to use that Minigun as much as possible. Lori is no exception to this rule. While she will still have the presence of mind to bring her pistol and combat knife, she will focus primarily on using the “Inferno”, even in situations where it might not be the best option. She very much considers it “hers”, despite it technically being a prototype that is still in testing before being sent into production proper.

  • “Inferno” can break down: It is, after all, still a prototype. It overheats, it can stall, and it occasionally needs a few slaps to properly work. It can, and possibly will, break down in the middle of a fight, and that will leave Lori open to attack until she either performs a quick fix on the gun, or she starts to use something else.

  • Combat Weaknesses: “Inferno” is a Minigun. They have a knockback. The project itself was basically scrapped until Lori was able to develop a stance and show that she can fire the weapon without falling back twenty feet on her ass. This means that she HAS to remain stationary in order to fire the gun; otherwise she will injure herself and potentially damage the weapon. This also means that, should she be attacked from behind, Lori would be basically defenseless.

  • Rage: Lori may have a high tolerance, but when it breaks, it breaks HARD. Tactics at this point just fly out the window, planning gets scrapped, teamwork thrown into the trash; when she’s angry, she wants someone to HURT and by HER HANDS. She becomes so focused that she develops tunnel vision to her surroundings.

EDIT: So, for pre-round stuff, I had to include some things that were taken away from Lori. A few things were a bit hard (namely the "powers" section), but here they are for anyone who needs to know!

Stuff that Veronica ends up taking away from Lori due to her magic spiders:



  • That bullet-proof glass on the shield part of Inferno? The one that VN gave Lori just before he headed off to the hotel? Gone. She’s basically blind firing at full-protection. Full shield means lack of vision. I understand that this isn’t a “power”, per se, but since her only “power” is her choice in weaponry, that’s what’s getting changed.



  • Memories of her fiancé and soon-to-be step-son. Bye-bye love of her life and child she treats like her own flesh and blood!

  • How to perform a proper, in-the-field style fix if anything on Inferno breaks down. Something happens to it, it will be busted. Given that it’s still in testing stages, that could happen very easily. POST ROUND 1 EDIT: Lori has regained this knowledge after scaling the Tower in Round 1.

  • She no longer remembers being in charge of the “Blue Tiger Battalion”, the 24th Special Assault and Testing. As far as she can recall, she’s just another soldier in the group, albeit fairly high-ranking and serving under the Old Duck (the former CO of the Battalion).



  • Control over her Anger. Yeah, Lori’s going to be much, MUCH easier to set off. She no longer has very good control or patience, just a lot of RAGE.


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“Sir, if you could please just step back into your vehicle, we will—”

“No, no screw you.” Jacob was finally at his breaking point. “We’ve been sitting outside here for too damn long! You KNOW who we are, you’ve seen us all a million times before! Just let us in already!”

They had been parked outside of the gate for what seemed like forever. It was only Jacob’s second time actually visiting this facility in person, although he knew well of its reputation. The Royal Durvandian Rock Hill Arsenal, while having the appearance of a standard military base, was the home of the Armed Forces most elite and independent groups, the 24th Special Assault and Testing Battalion. Where the best and brightest of all of Durvandia’s military tested, tweaked, and improved the weapons that would be used on the front lines of battle in the future.

And yet here Jacob was, stuck outside because no one at corporate headquarters realized how expiration dates worked on identifications.

“Sir, I need you to step inside your vehicle,” the first guard repeated. “Once your identifications have been verified, you will be allowed—”

“This is such bullshit!” Jacob yelled, turning around and pounding his fist into the door of the truck. “What, does the Queen herself need to give you a personal OK just to let people in here? Do you not understand who we are?!”

“Jake, get in the damn truck, all right?” Dr. Ian O’Frier sighed, hand covering his face in frustration. “This isn’t helping at all. Let the guards do their job, and we can get in faster.”

“I want to speak the Old Duck,” Jacob snarled. “I have a RIGHT to speak to your boss! This is inexcusable! You can’t just hold us out here! Your entire little base here,” he motioned to the gate that stood in front of them, and the several military buildings visible in the distance behind it, “wouldn’t even exist if we weren’t here regularly, giving your little tiger cubs new toys to test. And I am NOT going to just stand here like an idiot!”

“No, actually, you will.” Jacob, O’Frier, and the guards turned around to the woman who had spoken up, standing on the other side of the closed gates. She was dark-skinned, wearing a standard soldier’s training uniform, complete with boots and a cap that covered most of her cut-short black hair. The guards immediately saluted the woman, who waved them down. “At ease. What’s going on here?”

“I need to talk to Colonel Branston,” Jacob said, taking a few steps towards the woman before being blocked and held back by the guards. “Get off of me, dammit! Where the hell is Branston?”

“I wasn’t talking to you,” the woman replied, in a calm, measured tone. “Kalston, Nash, what’s going on?”

“Apologies, ma’am,” the second guard, Nash, answered. “Their identifications for entering the base had expired, so we were calling in for confirmation before letting them enter.”

“Look, all of this is completely unnecessary! Just let me speak to Major Branston, he can clear all of this up and let us in, like we were supposed to!”

The woman behind the fence looked long and hard at Jacob. “I’m afraid that won’t be possible, given that—”

“Oh don’t feed me that bullshit!” Jacob exclaimed. “I was personally selected to work as lead on the GFB project by the Old Duck! He knows who I am! He is going to let me in!”

The woman looked back at O’Frier, still sitting in the truck and waiting for this entire embarrassing fiasco to finish, with a look of puzzled amusement. O’Frier returned the look with a simple shrug, and turned to the side. “As I was saying,” the woman continued, “Colonel Branston retired last week. He is no longer involved with the management of the 24th Battalion.” She let a small smile appear on her face as she watched Jacob react to the revelation. “I must say, it’s surprising someone who’s so close to the ‘Old Duck’ didn’t already know that.”

“Well…well, then….then get whoever’s in charge, then!” Jacob shouted. “Tell your boss to get out here and make these idiots let us through!”

“Those ‘idiots’ are doing their job, and I highly recommend that you let them continue before have them arrest you for attempted trespassing.”

“Tres…” Jacob couldn’t believe his ears. “Listen, bitch, I don’t know who you think you are, but trust me, the second I meet the Old Duck’s replacement, you will be BEGGING for me to forgive you!

The only response he got from the woman was an even wider smile. The guards themselves weren’t able to control themselves, barely containing their laughter. The woman signaled to the guards to let Jacob go and have them open the gate. When they did, she stepped forward and offered her hand to Jacob. “Allow me to introduce myself,” she said. “Leiutenant Colonel Lori Nedalph. Head of the 24th Special Assault and Testing Battalion.” Jacob’s face fell as the information washed over him. “You know, I was wondering who the new guy that was going to head up the design and specs of the GFB I’ve been testing would be, and I have to say I’m surprised at how far below my standards you fell.”

“Miss…Leiutenant Colonel, I thought that—”

“It is remarkably clear what you THOUGHT, sir, judging by your actions and attitude in speaking to me. Now, are you going to wait patiently for your identification to go through?”

“This…” Jacob simply mumbled, barely audible, “this is insane. Completely unfair. I—”

“You know what?” Lori stepped even closer to Jacob, getting right in his face. The two guards stepped back to give them room. “You’re right,” she answered, “this isn’t fair. If it were fair, you would have been told to turn around and head back where you came from, as well as outright banned from ever entering this facility.” She let the threat hang in the air before continuing. “I’m giving you this one break. Now get back in the truck.”

Jacob mumbled something that Lori couldn’t make out and made his way back to the truck, where O’Frier sat and shook his head at the nonsense he had seen.

“Kid, be glad she’s being nice,” he told Jacob, as the guards finally let the transport truck enter the compound. “I swear, if I were her, I’d have kicked your ass good and proper.”

Lori watched them unload the GFB-XX7 Minigun onto the firing range, a group of men working together to carry the large weapon. “Be careful, boys,” she told them jokingly. “I don’t want you hurting my Inferno.”

“I’m sure your little baby can handle any rough-housing,” Major Jackson Katona, her second-in-command, said in a similar manner. “If anything, it’s probably more capable than before.”

Lori nodded in agreement. The changes that had been done on the Minigun were readily apparent just from its design. While before it had been very bare-bones and exposed, now the sides and bottom were covered by plating.

Once Inferno was finally placed on the table, she was able to get a better, closer inspection of it. “So, why exactly do we have all of this additional covering?”

“It…it mostly serves as support, for the bullet-proof shield,” Jacob stammered out. He was still steaming from the dressing down he received from Lori before he entered, but too reluctant to speak up any more than he had to.

“Shield?” Lori asked. She focused closer on the bottom of Inferno, noticing a small handle that she was able to pull out. Once it had been fully extended outwards, she was able to push it up, to a ninety-degree angle.

“It took a fair amount of design and engineering, but we were eventually able to figure it out,” Dr. O’Frier explained. He began rattling off information and procedures that were required to get them to this point, but Lori was focusing more on the actual shield itself. She raised it and lowered it several times before she finally interrupted with a single question.

“This isn’t going to work in this state.”

Dr. O’Frier stopped, puzzled by Lori’s remark. Jacob looked like he was about to mouth off before his intelligence got the better of him and he remained silent.

“I mean, it’s a fantastic idea. Hell, it probably makes Inferno here the closest it’s ever been to being actually 100% useful on the battlefield. But having this shield up has a major problem.” She lifted the shield to its upright position, then lifted up the Minigun by its top handles, slightly struggling due to the additional weight and off-balance. Once it was finally straightened out and pointing out towards the firing range, she continued. “I can’t see where I’m pointing at! Look, even with this in front of me, I’d have to lean way to the side, which makes the balance completely off.” She carefully put the weapon down on the ground and turned around. “Maybe some sort of….eye……..”

She stopped. They were all gone.

Jacob, Dr. O’Frier, Jackson, everyone had just suddenly disappeared.

In fact, the entire base seemed to fall completely silent. Lori couldn’t hear any of the normal sounds that carried the Arsenal on an average day; weapons being fired, the roars of engines, the discussions and arguments of soldiers and scientists trying to figure out how to properly handle a weapon.

Everything was just completely silent.

Lori took two steps forward and called out. “Hello? Anyone?”

Then the darkness came.

It didn’t come all at once. It was like it suddenly chopped the world around Lori into sections swallowing them whole, removing buildings, trees, vehicles, even the very earth itself in sliced-up sections as it was slowly swallowed up by a pure black void.

Lori turned around, intending to outrun the void for as long as she could, but saw that it was approaching her from the opposite direction, removing literally everything in its path. For a few seconds, she was rooted in place, horrified and confused. In all her years of training, she had never encountered or been taught anything like this. It seemed as though the whole world was dying.

So she ran back to Inferno, back to the GFB-XX7 Minigun, lifted it up, and prepared herself. Whatever was going to happen, she would not just stand by and let it wash over her like a tidal wave. She was a trained soldier and officer.

Lori would stand. She would fight. Even if she had no idea what, exactly, she was fighting in the first place.

When it reached her, she was prepared for anything. Pain, a loss of gravity, disorientation, even death or a cessation of existence.

What she didn’t expect, and received, was nothing.

Lori kept her ground, looking around her and moving in as small a circle as possible, doing her best to cover every single angle. Inferno was primed, ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

And still, nothing.

“CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?” Lori yelled. …seven, eight, nine, ten. “ MY NAME IS LEIUTENANT COLONEL LORI NEDALPH! I’M WITH THE 24th BATTALION OF THE ROYAL DURVANDIAN ARMY!” She paused again, this time counting to twenty. “IF ANYONE CAN HEAR ME, PLEASE RESPOND!”

This time, she counted to one hundred, the same pattern she had done for so long, she had begun to lose count. Lori thought of it as a drill, a training exercise that she had to just power through until she reached the end of it. She was initially more hopeful. After all, if she had survived whatever it was that had just happened, then it was reasonable to think that there were other people in her exact situation. People who were lost and trying to figure out what was going on.

They needed to group up, figure out what to do next. Get in contact with someone, get evacuated, just plain get OUT.

But as her self-made drill continued on and on, Lori had yet to see anyone or anything. She carried Inferno across her right shoulder, adjusting occasionally for the extra weight the newly-designed bullet-proof shield and its support brought, but beyond that and the clothes she was wearing, she couldn’t find anything. No people, cars, buildings, trees, animals, nothing.

It felt like Lori was trapped in some gigantic black box, cut off from the rest of the world.

She finally made her one-thousandth step, and stopped. Lori sighed and opened her mouth to shout again. “HELLO? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?”

“No need to shout like that.” Lori audibly gasped, turning around so quickly to face the person who spoke that she almost dropped her gun. Before her stood a young man in a black t-shirt and jeans, glasses and brown hair. He looked a few inches taller than Lori, at least a decade younger, and was smiling. “Not like you’re going to find anyone else here.”

“You….you’re….” She set down Inferno as gently and quickly as she could and rushed over to meet the mystery man. “Oh thank goodness, someone else. Listen, my name is—”

“Lt. Col. Lori Nedalph of the 24th Special Assault and Testing Batallion of the Royal Durvandian Army. Right, right, I know, you don’t need to tell me.”

“Good. Listen, is there anyone else out there? Do you have any way to communicate with people outside of…wherever it is that we are? I need to report this to my—”

“You’re not going to report this to anyone, Lori.”

Lori took a step back, surprised by this kid’s tone. “I’m sorry, who exactly are you?”

“Call me VN,” the kid said. “Don’t bother asking my real name, all that matters is that I am here to help YOU.”

“V…VN.” Keep him talking. Just keep him talking. “Never mind. Look, where exactly are we? I mean, I was at the Rock Hill Arsenal, but given how far I’ve travelled, at the pace I’ve been going, I’d say I’m somewhere…hang on.” She tried to do the math in her head, but eventually gave up, shaking her head. “Forget it. Do you know where we are or not?”

“It’s called the Black Box. It’s where characters go when they’re not used or forgotten,” VN replied.

Lori raised an eyebrow to that. “Characters?”

“Oh, I should have mentioned this earlier. I’m your creator,” VN said, stated in the same manner one might discuss the weather. “You’re a character for a book I tried writing when I was in high school, and, well, stuff happened. I ended up not continuing it and, well…..” He spread his arms, gesturing at their surroundings. “You ended up here.”

Lori groaned. The first living person she had seen in she didn’t know how long, and he was completely delusional. He was most likely suffering from some sort of psychotic breakdown, given everything that had just happened. Just…just play along, Lori thought. Make him comfortable. He might not be entirely useless. “Ok then, VN,” she said. “You’re my…”

“Your creator, yes. Not in, like, the religious sense, oh no. I wrote a book, or at least TRIED to, and you were going to be the main character.” He chuckled as he recalled his efforts. “Got to say, it’s interesting to finally see you, well, in person.” VN looked up and down, examining her. “Have to say, surprised that you’re black. Not a complaint, sorry if it came out like that. I just haven’t created that many non-white characters, you know? I guess I’m really starting to get more confident in myself.”

“That…look, how do you know you’re my creator? Can you prove it? Happen to have this book you tried to write?”

VN smiled. “Very, very nice. Keeping your skepticism, very good. All right, I’ll prove it.” He started walking around Lori, and began to monologue. “Your name is Lori Nedalph. Age 35. You have a tattoo of a blue tiger on your upper right arm that you got when you first joined the 24th Battalion. Your gun over there is classified as the GFB-XX7 Minigun, although you personally prefer to call it ‘Inferno’. The most recent adjustments it received involved attaching a bullet-proof, pull-out shield that protects the person shooting it. You’re engaged to Alexander DuKleer, a man who has an eight-year-old son from a previous marriage. You have a pet ferret named Issac and your favorite food is pancakes.” He stopped, facing her directly and smiling. “Anything I missed? Or would you prefer I go on about your life?”

Lori couldn’t move. She wanted to move, DESPERATELY wanted to run away, but she couldn’t. There was no way VN could have known even half of the things he just said, not even one-tenth. “How,” she stammered out, “how…how did….you…?”

“Like I’ve been saying, Lori, I am your creator. I literally know everything about you. And I’m here to help you.”

“You…you created me?”

“Did I not…YES, I made you. I made you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, your entire WORLD, I made it as I typed on a computer.”

“Then why are they all gone?” Lori’s voice was low, but the anger was blatently obvious. “Why is everyone, EVERYTHING gone?!” She rushed VN and grabbed him by his shirt, quickly throwing him to the ground with as much force as she could. “You created them? THEN BRING THEM BACK!”

“I will, I will! That’s why I’m here!” VN moaned. “I can bring them all back, I can, you have to trust me, PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” He began to cry, scared and in pain. “Puh-please, I can, just…I just need your help. Oh God, please stop.”

Lori stared at VN and slowly stood up. She waited for him to calm down. “I…I’m sorry. Just…what do you need my help for?”

VN collected himself and pointed behind Lori. She turned around and saw a door. “Through that door,” VN began, “is a hotel. In that hotel, you’re going to meet a bunch of people. One of them’s a girl with red dyed hair and a bunch of piercings. Her name’s Veronica, she runs the hotel. You need to get in that hotel and win the tournament that they’re running there.”

“What...why do I need to join some sort of tournament?”

“The hotel…look, you know how this Black Box is weird? The hotel is…it’s like a giant HUB for all of them. A place where a bunch of forgotten characters can get together whenever there’s a tournament. But the most important part is that, if you win the tournament, you get the grand prize. A second chance. The ability to change a part of your story.”

Lori wasn’t done interrogating VN yet. “What do you mean, change?”

“I mean, you can alter it to your own liking! Make yourself Head General of the whole goddamn armed forces, become Queen of Durvandia, fight and win a million battles, whatever the hell you want!” VN took her hands into his. “I just need you to win this tournament, Lori. You do that, and I’ll make you the best story I can.”

“So do that now. You’re here, you’re my creator, why can’t you just fix all of this without this…hotel and Veronica and whoever else there is?”

“Because…because I have no idea where to go,” VN admitted. “Lori, I’m not that good a writer. I suck. I make crappy stories, and you were the first time I ever seriously tried to write a full-length novel. I was eighteen, I sucked, and I wasn’t proud with what I came up with. I’m at a creative roadblock, here. This tournament, it can change all of that. But I need you to help me here.” He looked into her eyes, pleading with her. “I just need you to win. If you do that, I’ll know what to do next. Please?”

Lori sighed. “Fine. Fine. I’ll do this. But it better be worth it.” She went over and picked up Inferno, double checking every aspect of it so carefully she didn’t notice that VN had walked up next to her.

“Hang on a second. Could you pull out the shield part?” Lori shot a questioning glance at him, but proceeded to do so. When she did, he snapped his fingers. A small, clear, see-through glass suddenly appeared where Lori’s eye level would be when she picked up and held the gun. “Figured you should have that, to help when you’re shooting it. Hope it helps.”

Lori looked at VN, then folded the shield back up. Once she was done, she gave VN a hug. “Uh, o…ok then,” he said awkwardly. “This is…happening.”

“You better be right about this,” Lori whispered. She let him go, picked up Inferno, and walked out the door.

VN sighed and sat down on the ground. “Yeah, I better be right.” He walked away, opening up a second door that had suddenly appeared. “Please, please let this work,” he muttered to himself.

Lori stood in front of a metal gate, Inferno on her shoulder. Several odd, rune-like scribblings covering the stones around it. At the very top of the gate was a sign that said “Hotel de Las Arañas”. When she reached out to the gate with her free hand, it automatically opened, swinging out and away from her and letting her enter.

She carefully examined her surroundings as she followed the path. The large body of water in front of her was like nothing Lori had ever seen. It was a thousand different colors swirling around in a chaotic blender. Lori was curious what swimming in such a thing would be like when she saw the twenty-foot-long koi fish jump out of the water and land on its six legs. It let loose a gigantic roar, tore out a tree with its teeth, then leaped back into the water.

No swimming. NEVER swimming.

She eventually made her way to the front desk, walking through the sliding doors and was immediately confronted by the woman she assumed to be Veronica. “WHAT in the name of FUCKING SHIT ARE YOU DOING? Do you just carry around giant-ass guns all the time, or is Shiro too much of a pussy to come here for herself?”

“Shiro? Who….never mind. You must be Veronica?”

“Fucking aces right I’m Veronica! Now who the fuck are you, G.I. Jane?”

“Leiutenant Colonel Lori Nedalph, of the 24th—” Lori began, before Veronica put a hand over her mouth.

“I don’t want your fucking serial number and all that bullshit. Let me guess, you’re here for the tournament?”

“Yes, actually,” Lori answered after carefully removing Veronica’s hand. “Listen, I was hoping you could explain a few—”

“Uh-uh! Nope, not now. Listen here Little Miss Overcompensation, I’m trying to run a damn fine hotel AND a tournament here, so you can get in line with the other freaks and rejects if you want to ask questions.” Veronica turned around back to the front desk and rummaged around, eventually pulling out a key and tossing it to Lori. “Room number’s on the key, enjoy your stay, blah blah blah all that shit. Now beat it.”

Lori knelt down and picked the key off of the floor. “So….thank you, I guess.” She turned around and walked out the door, but stopped just short of the exit. “Oh, I’m…I’m not sure how to say this, but….a giant fish ripped out one of the trees near the entrance, and I think—”

“ARE YOU SHITTING ME I JUST PLANTED IT FUCKING YESTERDAY!” Veronica ran out, nearly knocking Lori over in her haste.

When Lori finally made it to her room, she gently placed Inferno down on the ground. The room wasn’t too large; a desk with a chair sat on the opposite side of the room. A second door that opened up to the bathroom, complete with a shower, toilet, and sink. A third showed the bedroom, while the main living area itself connected to a small kitchenette.

It wasn’t much, but Lori would have been comfortable with much less. She walked into the bedroom and took off her jacket and boots, leaving only her long-sleeved white t-shirt and pants. She laid down on the bed, accidentally sitting on the note that had been left there. Lori picked it up and began to read it, hoping it might make some sense of her surroundings.

Her entire world disapeearing, her conversation with VN, this whole tournament…Lori didn’t know what exactly she had gotten herself into.

But she knew she’d fight. Even if she didn’t know what, exactly, she was fighting in the first place.
Once Dead OCT R2 Audition
This is my audition for the Second Season of Once Dead OCT, starring my character Lori Nedalph.

And with me seeing her off in the Black Box. If I get in, I'll be trying something...interesting, plot-wise.

Veronica is owned by :iconcrazyshiro:

All other characters are owned by me.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Round 1 (Next):…
Damn, I've been gone a LONG LONG time, it seems!

So, basic real life updates first: I have graduated from college! BA in English with Minors in Creative Writing and Film Studies.

Because I really want to make SURE that I'm unemployable!

In all seriousness, this whole summer has just been...weird, for lack of a better word. My 2003 Mini Cooper has been traded in, because holy crap I had to sink in SO MUCH MONEY FOR REPAIRS. I have since gotten a new car (which I am paying back slowly to build credit and be a REAL adult! pleasehelpme), which is also a Mini. I am also back at my usual summer job of delivering pizzas, which has thrown my sleep schedule all the hell off since I'm normally working from 5-11 or even closing at 1 am, going to bed at around 3-4 am because I can't just jump into bed and sleep, bleh. It's something I want to work on, but getting adjusted to new sleep schedules once you're settled into a new one is a pain in the ass.

Now that all that is out of the way...the real important stuff, aka "things relating to deviantART".

First off, the first season of :icononce-dead-oct: is over, and the winner is :iconlegolass1119:, a person I had the honor of facing (and losing to) in the semi-finals. So yay for me for getting 3rd place. I had a lot of fun with that OCT and look forward to doing more with it in the future, maybe using some characters I have in scrapped stories that would be all kinds of fun to play around with (trying to decide between the sentient zombie mage and the superhero with teleportation/gravity powers).

Next, more stories! Yes, in my final semester I was part of a super awesome Creative Writing class, where I was able to write some pretty awesome stuff, as well as read other people's awesome stuff. I wrote three short works, of which two re-written versions will eventually be put on my page, hopefully within the week.

The reason why I'm not posting one of the stories is because it's the one that features Jack Garsto and Jennifer Enburg, aka "those two characters I introduced in :icontbos-oct: and haven't done a single goddamn thing with since". I'm not permanently deleting it from my computer or anything, but I just feel uncomfortable making that story fully "canon" without fleshing out the world more. It MIGHT (as in, somewhere barely above a 0% of happening) eventually see the light of day, but for now, it sleeps.

The other two....well, one's a fully independent short story, one that I literally wrote the first draft for class in the train ride from NYC to my college in PA. The first draft was rushed, contained some grammar problems, had an ending I had to rewrite at least twice before submission, but I loved it anyway. It was originally supposed to be a story of "white-hat hackers discover an Artificial Intelligence deep in the programming of an MMO they've been hired to examine", but that got way too long, and required much more knowledge of computers and games that I currently possess. When I realized that, I had to scramble to find a new topic. What that topic is...well, you'll all see soon enough.

As for the other one, this one is a bit more special than the other two. I'll get into more detail as to WHY I think it's special when I post it, but it should make sense. I'll leave the topic for that one a mystery as well, because I'm a bit of a bastard like that :).

This naturally leads into the "Amy question", i.e. when the hell am I going to get around to writing more Amy Tolson stories, because I really want to and god dammit it's starting to piss me off that I haven't. And...right now I have nothing.

No, seriously, I have NOTHING for her right now. I mean, yes I do have a general idea of what I want to do with her whole "story", but I don't have any plans, any prototypes, any backup. I pretty much have only a hope and a dream with her.

And that leads into something else I really, REALLY, want to talk about.

A week or so ago, I had a personal questioning moment. A few hours when I looked in and asked myself one thing: Did I want to be a writer?

I've said before when people asked me that I wanted to write fiction professionally. I love books and stories, and it would be awesome to have that as my job. But for a while, I just haven't been fully prepared for what "writing a story" actually means. It means knowing what your characters are, what they look like, what they think, what they know and don't know, who they trust, what they believe. It means creating a world that feels like an actual place, characters that feel like real people you might meet in the world, conflicts that make sense and have a logical (if oftentimes entirely unexpected) progression.


So I had to really ask myself: Was I really willing to do that? Along with having a "real" job (i.e. not focusing full time on writing because even I'm not stupid enough to try that right out of the gate), interacting with the real world, and a whole bunch of other things I want to do and/or need to do in my life, am I prepared to actually buckle down and write the things I want to write?

I said yes to myself, and I really hope I wasn't lying.
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I actually don't. Part of the reason is because I prefer working on wholly original stuff that I've created, but it's mostly because I'm too worried about my own personal feelings about certain characters influencing the story, rather than what they were actually like in the canon proper.

Like, I may absolutely hate a character, and in a fanfic I write involving them, their negative traits will most likely get more emphasis. However, that would mean that the good/interesting/engaging/relatable parts of their personality get muted or even outright removed, and I won't be portraying them accurately. I've read a LOT of fanfics, and my favorite ones were always the ones that best maintained the way the characters from the show or books or movies or comics thought and acted. I just don't trust my own judgment and ability to overcome personal bias towards them. It's also why I like doing OCT's, since characters' personality et cetera are all clearly defined for everyone so that there aren't any issues (and even then I still get nervous about mis-portraying other peoples' characters).

I appreciate the compliment, though!
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Lol I totally understand where you're coming from. To do a good fanfic you really have to get the *essence* of the characters, and most people don't, or change them to fit what they're trying to push.

But no problem, you seem like a really interesting guy :)
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Thank you for the watch!! :hug:
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