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TBOS Ref: Jennifer Enburg by VariableNature TBOS Ref: Jennifer Enburg by VariableNature
Info for Jennifer Enburg, a.k.a. Miss Shadow:

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Occupation: Comic Book Store Owner/Superhero

Relationship with Jack Garsto: Close Friend

Chosen by: Lady Ink and Mudd

Gift Received: None

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 135 lbs.

Body type: Skinny, a few muscles but nothing impressive

Skin: Lightly tanned, Caucasian

Hair: Black, tied into a ponytail

Eyes: Blue

Facial details: No real noticeable details. Regular face.

Other Defining Features: None, really.

Likes: Comic Books, Movies, Her Superpowers, Most of the other members of the Titan Program, Chocolate, Dogs

Dislikes: Cats, Abuse of Power, Anything written by Stephen King, Horror stories in general (with VERY few exceptions)

Backstory: Jennifer Enburg was the co-owner of the Fortress Comics Store, along with James Mason, her boyfriend. A big comics fan all her life, she was initially thrilled when, during the “October Event”, she happened to receive her powers, deciding to become a superhero like the ones she admired. Despite the shock of things not working out exactly the same way they did in comics, she was able to work things out pretty well.

However, three months into her superhero career, she was indirectly responsible for the deaths of three people due to her superpowers. This had a profound effect on her: she truly began to doubt whether or not she was really doing any good with her powers, and lapsed into alcoholism. She has since recovered and has been staying clean for a long time know, but her attitude changed from a cheery individual to a more somber, focused, and withdrawn individual. She did, however, keep her manic and hyper attitude as Miss Shadow, in order to freak out criminals.

When she joined the “Titan Program”, she started to break out her shell, bonding most with Jack Garsto, “The Element”. The two of them remained close friends, occasionally helping each other out when they needed it.

Powers/Abilities: Jennifer has the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness, forming them into physical, solid, entities. She almost always does so while “transformed” into a shadow state, where her entire body is covered in darkness and shadows, making her look like a totally black, stationary flame. Blue “flames” are present where her eyes would be, and her facial features are just barely noticeable if you squint really hard and look up close. While her powers don’t tire her out like Jack’s, they do require a LOT of concentration beyond anything basic. She has a few favored attacks, such as sending out a tentacle of darkness out to grab something, or, her personal favorite but rarely, if ever, used, creating a giant (10 feet) Cerberus made of shadow and unleashing him on her enemies (requires a LOT of control to keep from dissolving or breaking free).

She’s above average with physical combat, but there are a lot of people better than her. She does, however, know how to properly use a gun.


• Shadow Manipulation

• Teleportation while in a dark area (as long as she knows EXACTLY where she wants to go. It greatly helps if she has been there before)

• Shadow movement (Can easily pass through small obstacles, within reason)

• Increased strength while in Shadow State

• Able to withstand a lot of pain in Shadow State (since she’s, you know, technically a living shadow). Can easily withstand punches, kicks, etc.

• Very genre savvy. Often knowledgeable of story-telling tropes.


• While she CAN go into Shadow State at any time, she seems to believe that, if she isn’t wearing or otherwise touching her jacket, she can’t. No jacket, no Shadow State, no superpowers.

• While in Shadow State, she can be easily harmed by powerful bursts of light (i.e. flashbangs, VERY high powered flashlights in the face, spotlight in the chest, etc.). These can cause physical pain which, if taken long enough, turns her back to her normal, human self, but battered and covered in bruises like she’s been beaten senseless.

• She still feels pretty guilty over the deaths she accidentally caused. It’s a deep emotional wound which, while somewhat healed, can still be torn open again. Most likely will result in emotional breakdown if forced to go through it via psychic attack, brainwashing, etc.

• While sober, there is the possibility that she could fall off the wagon, which would effectively make her useless. She can NOT hold her alcohol.

Miscellaneous Notes:
• Owns a Black Russian Terrier named Jimmy.

• Right handed

• May 19th NEVER. HAPPENED. Certain events with her and Jack occurred then (alcohol was involved heavily), and he refuses to acknowledge that it ever happened. Jack is quite happy with this. James knows what happened, and, after a few months, got back together with her.

And here we have the 2nd half of my Superhero duo for :icontbos-oct:

Give it up for Jennifer Enburg! Once again, I have to thank :iconshootdoctorallen: for drawing this up for me. AWESOMENESS!

Link to her partner: HERE

Link to the audition: HERE
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