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TBOS Reference: Jack Garsto by VariableNature TBOS Reference: Jack Garsto by VariableNature
Reference Info For Jack Garsto, a.k.a. "The Element":

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Residence: St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America

Occupation: Mechanic/Superhero

Relationship to Jennifer Enburg: Close Friend

Chosen by: Lady Ink and Mudd

Gift Received: None

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 175 lbs.

Body Type: Well-muscled

Skin: Slightly pale, Caucasian

Hair: Brown, short

Eyes: Brown

Facial Details: Nose has been broken on multiple occasions

Other Defining Features: Multiple scars across chest, two on back

Gear: Backpack with extra clothes, pillow, a few books

Likes: Cars, Motorcycles, Flying, Stopping bad guys, his job (both of them)

Dislikes: Bugs (especially hornets), Cheese, Thunder and Lightning, Uncooperative people

Backstory: Jack Garsto worked as a car and motorcycle mechanic, having been working unofficially in his uncle’s shop since he was nine. He’s always enjoyed working on vehicles, and would probably have done so for the rest of his life in peace.

However, after what the media termed the “October Event”, (no one else came up with a better name for it) he had developed superpowers, specifically the ability to manipulate the four elements. Being a decent guy, he adopted the handle “The Element”, becoming one of the first public superheroes. After several months of assisting the local police, he was drafted into the US Government’s “Titan Program”, an officially non-existent group that regulated superheroes to make sure that they didn’t attempt any terrorist activities. As a safety precaution, only two people outside the Program know of its existence, and the Program is almost entirely self-contained.

Powers/Abilities: Jack is a brilliant mechanic. Give him enough time and the necessary parts, and he can fix just about any motorized vehicle. This only extends partially to other objects, however. He’s good with tinkering, but doesn’t always have things work properly.

With his superpowers, Jack is capable of manipulating the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The more complicated the task he wants to do, the more effort/energy and/or concentration he needs to have. For example: Flying around by manipulating the air around him is easy. Raising up the ground is a possibility, depending on the size of the area raised and how high. Also, the bigger and more powerful he tries to make something, the more tired he gets, to the point of collapsing or even lapsing into unconsciousness if he over-exerts himself.

Jack normally does his fighting unarmed. He’s heavily trained in fighting, so he knows what he’s doing when he’s punching and kicking people. He might try to compliment said attacks with his elemental powers, but this could be dangerous (such as with fire, for obvious reasons).

• Friendly. He will stick by and support his friends and associates from the Titan Program, no matter what.

• Excellent Mechanical Skills

• Aforementioned Elemental Manipulation

• Very good in hand-to-hand combat


• He essentially casts from hit points. The more energy he puts into his powers, the faster he will eventually crash. He’s been doing this for some time, so he knows his limits, and they have been getting stronger, but he will try not to push himself.

• Jack can easily forget to limit himself when he’s fighting. He often gets carried away, usually doing an absurd amount of collateral damage. The more into it he is, the less he controls the specificity of his powers, which can result in property damage and civilian injuries. He’s been trying to work on this, but so far hasn’t been very successful. This could also result in him becoming too exhausted to use his powers and crashing.

• Jack often decides the best strategy is to jump in head first and attack. Unless a trap is REALLY obvious, or someone intelligently points out something better, this will normally be Plans A and B for him.

• Jack can, unfortunately, be a bit gullible. He will often believe stuff that people say, unless he knows for a fact that it’s false. This has bit him in the ass a few times. He still hasn’t learned.

Miscellaneous Notes:
• Happens to be bisexual, but currently in a long-term, loving relationship (not married). People who try to flirt with him will be met with only polite amusement, at most, unless he is heavily mind-controlled.

• May 19th NEVER. HAPPENED. Certain events with him and Jennifer occurred then (alcohol was involved heavily), and he refuses to acknowledge that it ever happened. Jennifer is quite happy with this.

• Right-handed.

One member of the Superhero Team I will be entering for :icontbos-oct:

The other member, by the way, you can find HERE

And my audition story? HERE

Before I say anything, a BIG BIG BIG thank you to :iconshootdoctorallen: for making this for me. YOU ROCK!

I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve always liked superheroes, and this was one of several that I created that all exist in the same ‘verse (the aforementioned Jennifer being another example). Hopefully events go well, and we might see more of Jack in the future.

Also, before the questions come in, I don’t really know who his love interest IS (besides it not being Jennifer), so feel free to make one up if you want. If one of them happens to work, I just might make it canonical! (Yes, I know that’s a stupid idea, but I say, “Why not?”)

Jack Garsto, ladies and gentlemen! I will be happy to answer questions or comments in the comments section.
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